Navigating Complex Claims

Electrocution injuries can be devastating—especially when they occur while on the job. Your earning potential and ability to work could be serious damaged. Workers’ compensation entitles you to certain benefits in the event you are seriously injured in an electrocution accident at work. Our experienced Greenville electrocution accident attorneys can help you pursue the most compensation possible under these benefits.

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Severe Workplace Injuries

As a utility worker, you are constantly working with and around high voltage electricity. When an accident occurs in this work industry, there is a grave threat of electrocution to you as a utility worker.

The common injuries caused by electrocution include:

Oftentimes work accidents are not any one person’s fault in particular. The advantage of the workers’ compensation program is that you do not have to prove your injuries are someone else’s fault in order to recover compensation. The no-fault program allows you to receive the benefits to which you are entitled, including payment for medical care.

Dangers Utility Workers Face

Workers’ compensation can apply to virtually any type of accident in which an injury occurs.

Utility workers face such situations as:

  • Downed power lines
  • Ladders contacting power lines
  • Bucket trucks contacting power lines
  • Low-hanging power lines

If you were hurt at work, or if one of your loved ones was killed in an electrocution accident at work, let our experienced Greenville electrocution accident attorneys help you get the compensation you need and deserve.

Workers’ Compensation for Electrocution Injuries

No injured worker should attempt to navigate the workers’ compensation system without experienced guidance. Too often, the insurance companies that provide coverage to employers attempt to deny or minimize legitimate claims. Our attorneys know how to fight for you.

We can provide effective guidance, assistance and representation through all phases of securing your compensation benefits, including appealing denied claims. We have decades of experience in our field, and we are personally committed to helping you get on the path to making a full recovery from your injury.

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