Getting Injured on a Rental Property

A lot of people rent property from others so the idea of renting a home is not unheard of. Owning property can become expensive for anyone.

Not having the money to a plot of land is not a new concept. However, what if you get injured on the property? You wonder who’s at fault for the injury since the cause of it wasn’t your fault.

You aren’t sure what your options are since you aren’t sure of the law in this situation. You decide to take a deeper look into what is available to you. Let’s take a look at what you can do in your case.

“Medical Bill Responsibility”

The landlord of the property is liable for any medical bills you incur if your injury meets a few criteria. The first criteria is that the landlord failed to take the steps necessary to prevent the accident.

If the accident meets this criteria, then it might meet the next criteria, which is that the accident is preventable on the landlord’s part. The landlord might have let the cause of the accident continue to exist, knowing that it could harm someone.

The third criteria is the idea that warning someone would not have been difficult or expensive. They knew that something was wrong and they didn’t bother to tell anyone, which means they are at fault for your accident. If you meet these criteria and you can prove it, then your landlord is responsible for your medical bills.

“An Example of Landlord Negligence”

For example, let’s say that you get into an accident on the rental property. Your leg is broken due to a broken porch step that was not fixed by the landlord.

The landlord knew about the broken porch step but did nothing about it and did not warn you. You can prove that you were hurt by the broken porch step, which had been broken for a few weeks now.

You feel certain that it is due to the landlord’s negligence so you decide to get the landlord’s insurance to pay for your medical bills.

Your case can be proven when you take the next step, which would be to get a lawyer. Making sure that the responsible party pays for your medical bills should not be a problem for you.

“Needing a Lawyer”

Handling this problem alone may be overwhelming to you. Hiring a lawyer for your case will make things easier for you.

A lawyer who is experienced in cases just like yours will know the steps necessary to get your medical bills covered by the landlord’s insurance company. Not knowing what to do in a situation like yours can be a hassle but it shouldn’t have to be one.

Making sure your bills are taken care of is a natural priority for us these days. Your situation is not the first your lawyer will have seen and it will be easy for them to take care of the issue of medical bills

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