Med Pay in Accident Claims

What if you get into an accident for the first time? You have no idea what to do, especially since it’s not at work. You know the process your employer laid out for you but what do you do now?

The thought is terrifying to you but you keep a clear head on your shoulders. You know you need to make sure that you aren’t going to make any rash decisions.

You know that there will be medical bills stacking up high pretty soon. You need to do something about it as soon as you can. You know you don’t have the money to pay for them all, as it is.

You wonder what your first step is as you lie on your hospital bed quietly. You aren’t sure who to ask and aren’t even sure who to go to at this point.

You decide to go to a lawyer first to see what they say about your situation. It wouldn’t hurt to bring in a lawyer, would it? You think not since you’re already hurt at this point.

You decide to look more into the matter as you wait for your lawyer to call you back. Let’s take a deeper look at what your choices are, shall we?

General Rule

If you’re harmed in an accident, the general rule is that you are responsible for medical bills. The other person is not responsible for the bills on an on-going basis.

The only way you would get money from the other person is if they’re found guilty in court. They would pay you the damages ordered by the judge.

When you win the court case, you still have the court fees to pay, the lawyers’ fees to pay, and your medical bills. The money from damages might not be enough to cover your losses.

Premises Liability

Premises liability is when you slip, trip, or fall on someone else’s property. You are still responsible for your own medical bills for injuries you sustain.

That is, unless the property-owner has “med pay”. You can file for “med pay” in your accident claim if it is available. The med pay insurance will pay for bills to the policy limits.

Once you reach the policy limit, you are once again responsible for all medical bills you incur. The property-owner is not responsible for medical expenses after this point.

Work-Related Accidents

If you get injured at work, your workers’ comp insurer will be responsible for your medical bills. This includes reimbursing you for any traveling you do to get medical treatment.

If you decide on a doctor outside NC, you must gain permission from the Industrial Commission. Your workers’ comp insurer will be responsible for reimbursing you for your traveling.

You are not responsible for paying any money toward your medical bills. You are also not responsible for paying any insurance deductibles on any of those bills.

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