Can You File For Workers’ Comp Benefits While Being a Part-Time Employee

A common question about workers’ compensation these days is who can benefit from it if injured on the job. Most people fall under the belief that only full-time employees can file for it. Because of this myth, there are many employees who miss out on applying for it at all after being injured while on the job. Let’s take a look at whether you can file for workers’ compensation benefits while being a part-time employee.

“Your employment status in terms of workers’ comp.”

The fact is, a lot of people miss out on workers’ compensation benefits when injured on the job because they are misguided under the belief that only full-time employees can file for it. However, there’s something else you need to think about when considering workers’ compensation. This fact is the state of your state of employment itself.

The thing you’ll need to look for is the state of compensation you receive from the job itself. As long as you receive monetary compensation that has taxes taken out of it, you will get workers’ comp if you get an injury while working there. Those who do not get compensated or those who have no taxes taken out of the money they are given each month will not be eligible for it. These include volunteers, unpaid interns, and contractors.

“The circumstances surrounding your injury is a factor too.”

Another thing to consider when filing for workers’ compensation is the nature of the injury itself. You must have been injured while performing the duties required of you to fulfill your job on a daily basis. If you are putting up a display and you fall off a ladder, then you will likely be covered by workers’ comp. If you hurt yourself while preparing your lunch, then you will more than likely not be covered.

In order to be considered for workers’ comp benefits, you must be seen by a medical professional. The medical professional will need to have his or her opinion on your injury put down in writing and submitted in order to proceed in your case. If the medical professional says you need to take time off from work in order to recover, this will help your chances of being covered by workers’ comp benefits.

“The final answer to the question is yes.”

The simple answer to this question is that you can receive workers’ comp while working at a company on a part-time basis. Nine times out of ten, the doctor will not want you being on your feet while you are recovering from your workplace injury. This is where the workers’ compensation will come in – you will be receiving an allowance of sorts while you are in the recovery stages of your injury.

You will not have to worry as much about making sure your bills are paid while you are unable to work. The biggest piece of advice is to make sure you look through any materials you receive from the employer when you are hired to see if you have workers’ compensation.

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