What to Do After Getting Injured in a Motorcycle Wreck

Getting into a wreck with a car while on your motorcycle can cause a lot of injuries to you. It could also cause the other driver to get injured as well. Being injured means you will have to spend time in a hospital, which can be stressful in of itself. Because of this, your insurance company will have to be notified of the wreck and your injuries. Let’s take a closer look at the process you must take after being injured in a wreck while on your motorcycle.

1. Always seek medical attention first.

The first thing you should do after getting into a wreck on your motorcycle is to get medical attention. You might have driven yourself there or perhaps someone else drove you there. Police officers were more than likely called to the scene of the wreck.

These police officers will make sure you are treated for your injuries while investigating the wreck to compile a police report. This police report is to go to your insurance company after you’ve called to alert them of the wreck. Make sure you are taken care of medically before you do anything else, however.

2. Work to gather any evidence of the wreck you can get.

After you treated for your injuries, this is the time to collect any evidence you can. If there were any witnesses to the wreck, this is the time to speak to them about what they saw. Ask them about anything they saw right before the wreck, especially the event that caused the wreck itself. Make sure you record this conversation or make notes. You can give this information to your lawyer or one you hire to take care of the claim-filing.

Take photos of the damage to your motorcycle as well to make your lawyer’s job easier down the line. Take photos of the other vehicle as well to prevent questions from your lawyer about what may have happened to cause the wreck. You could also talk to the other driver in the accident to see what they recall about the wreck. Did they see you before you collided? They will be able to give you missing information from your recollection of the wreck.

3. Do not speak to an insurance company until you contact a lawyer.

The next thing you should do is to call a lawyer to take care of filing the claim for you. The lawyer will help in solving any disputes between your insurance company and the company of the other driver. This lawyer will make sure any and all forms are turned in to the insurance company on time and also make sure that you do not have to worry about the process.

This process shouldn’t cause you to worry along with the stress of the accident itself. That event in of itself can cause you quite a bit of grief in the long run and the lawyer can help take the added stress of the claims process off your shoulders. Make sure to cooperate with the lawyer at all times to make it easier for all parties involved.

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