What to Do After Leaving the Scene of a Wreck With a Logging Truck

Let’s take a deeper look into what you should do after you leave a wreck with a logging truck.

1. Get medical attention for any injuries you get from the wreck.

The most important thing you should do after getting into a wreck is to get medically checked out for any injuries. Any injuries you get during the wreck could get worse if you don’t get yourself checked out by a doctor. If you are injured, the worst thing you could do is to move yourself. Again, those injuries could get worse if you move your body in any way.

2. Have the insurance carrier call a wrecker company and collision repair place.

Logging trucks are often overloaded and it takes longer to brake to a stop. Because of that, you are more likely to enter a high-speed collision. The damage can be catastrophic at times and your car will not be able to move without a wrecker truck. This means you will need to have your vehicle towed from the scene.

Have the insurance carrier call for a wrecker to take it to a collision repair place. The insurance carrier will have a list of wrecker companies and collision repair places that fall into their insurance. The insurance representative will call someone on their list, which means you will save money down the road.

3. Send in the police report form to your insurance carrier.

One of the things that the police officer investigating the wreck will tell you is to make sure you send the report in to your insurance. If you don’t, there could be drastic consequences for you. Those consequences include having your driver’s license suspended in some capacity. The police officer will tell you how long you have to give the insurance that form. The form will give the representative all the info they will need to file any claim you decide to file with them.

4. Answer any questions the insurance representative has in terms of the wreck.

More than likely, a representative of the insurance carrier will call you to discuss the wreck. Questions they will ask include what happened and who you think is at fault for the wreck. Your lawyer will advise you not to answer the last question.

The insurance company could hold you to your word, especially if you say that you believe you are at fault for the wreck. Be sure to answer any and all questions the insurance representative has about the wreck. Also be cooperative to the best of your ability: the smoother things go, the quicker the claim will be processed.

5. Call a lawyer.

Another important step in this process is to call a lawyer to help you. This lawyer will know what steps to take so the case can be resolved to your satisfaction. They will have advised to give you as to what you should or should not say. One of those tips is to not admit fault for the wreck at any point since the insurance and police will take you at your word.

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