Wrecks with Logging Trucks


1. Take a moment to calm yourself down.

Make sure that you take a moment to calm down once your car has come to a stop. Make sure your mind is not racing before you get out of your vehicle. Do not make any decisions during this time, as you are emotional.

Your decisions will not be made on a clear mind or a clear conscience. If you make any decisions during this period, the decisions could cause more trouble for you down the line. You don’t want this while you are dealing with the wreck you are now involved in.

2. Check yourself for any injuries sustained and call for medical attention as needed.

The second thing you should do is check for any injuries you’ve gotten from the wreck. Make sure you can walk and move your extremities. Take notice of any feeling you get from moving your body around. If you feel any pain, make sure to call for emergency medical attention.

Depending on how badly your car was impacted by the wreck, you could have some major injuries to your person. Such injuries could include internal bleeding or broken bones. If you notice these types of injuries, call 9-1-1 as soon as you possibly can.

3. Call for police to come to the scene of the wreck.

You also want to make sure to call the police to the scene. The police will make a report of the wreck, including anything they saw on the scene itself. They will ask you for your explanation of the event along with the other person’s explanation. They want to make sure they get as clear a picture as they possibly can, which is why they always ask for any witnesses to the wreck as well.

4. Get out of the car and get out of the roadway if you can.

Now it is time to get out of the road if you can. There is a good chance that your car will be unable to move but you should get yourself out of the road anyway. The police will make sure to call a wrecker company for both you and the log truck as needed.

Getting yourself out of the road will make sure you are safe from harm for the time being. Staying in your car can be dangerous, especially when the damage to your car comes into play. You don’t want to be anywhere near it if it catches fire after the wreck itself.

5. Check on the driver of the log truck and take a look at your surroundings.

As you clear the roadway, you will want to check on the other driver. Chances are, the paramedics are almost at the scene of the wreck if they aren’t already there. It is still a good idea to check in with the other driver to see if there is anything you can do for them. If they can walk to the side of the road but they want your help to do so, make sure you offer that help.

This is also a good chance to get their insurance information and their employer so one of you can get in touch with them. Make sure to take a good look at your surroundings during this time so you can bring it up with the car insurance company when you’re filing a claim with them.

6. Get an incident report from the police officer to use while filing the insurance claim.

Before you file a claim with the car insurance company, make sure to get the report from the police. The insurance company will ask for it; the police will tell you how long you have to get it to the company. If you don’t give it to them in that period of time, your license might be taken away. No one wants their insurance taken away for any reason so make sure to get that report to the insurance company on time.

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