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    How Long Will My Personal Injury Settlement Take?

    Being injured because of your employer’s actions or lack thereof can be a stressful time for you. You are out of work because of your injury and cannot pay your bills in a timely manner. You have to watch them pile up with no way to get a strong handle on paying them all. While all this is happening, your […]

    3 Most Common Types of Injuries From A Motorcycle Accident

    When it comes to motorcycle accidents, there are quite a few more common injuries you can sustain. They include broken bones, head injuries, and road rash. These injuries might require you to have surgery to help mend them properly. Let’s take a look at what injuries you might come to expect after a motorcycle accident. Head Injuries Head injuries are […]

    Proper Lifting Techniques Can Minimize Back Injury Risks

    For someone in the shipping industry or construction work, you often have to lift heavier items. This is just part of the job but it can also lead to back injuries as well as other types of traumatic injuries if not done properly. Many people who suffer from these types of injuries have to miss work, which means a loss […]

    What is a Preservation Letter?

    The first thing you should do after getting into an accident is to see a medical professional. That will be the first thing on your mind and you may not even think about gathering evidence for a personal injury case. You might not even realize you have a case against the other driver until after you’ve recovered from your injuries […]

    4 Most Common Places for a Car Accident

    While you might see quite a few accidents on the interstate as you commute to work, these are not as common as you might think. There are several instances where it is more likely for you to get into an accident near your home or even in a parking lot. There are four places you are more likely to see […]

    The Consequences of Not Hiring a Workers’ Comp Lawyer

    Being injured on the job can be one of the most stressful things you can go through as an employee. The more painful the injury is, the more stressful it can be when you lose out on your wages because you can’t work. The insurance company will also try their hardest to make your life miserable while you’re trying to […]

    Black History Month for Workers

    February is Black History Month in North Carolina. Not only is this month a time to celebrate the many achievements of African Americans in North Carolina, but it is also a time to address the problems they still face, especially the ongoing risk of injury in the workplace. Increased Risk of Injury According to a comprehensive 2017 study conducted at […]