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    How to Stay Safe on a Construction Site

    There is a lot of activity on construction sites these days, especially as buildings are constructed and perfected. Because of this, there is a huge risk of accidents on the site that can lead to grievous injury or even death. Loved ones of someone who was killed on the construction site can possibly look into filing a claim against their […]

    Can They Prove I Was Using My Phone Before the Crash?

    Did you know that the State of North Carolina enforces a primary ban on texting while driving? This means that the law is even enforced without the knowledge of other traffic violations. Yes, they can pull you over just with the reasonable suspicion that you’re texting while driving. These violations are punished by a fine of $100 plus any other […]

    How to Speed Up a Personal Injury Case

    It can be easy to feel like your personal injury case is taking forever. There seems to be a snag at every turn you take toward a resolution. You can’t help but wonder if there’s a way you can speed up your case, so you can get the money you deserve after the resolution. But what can you do to […]

    5 Deadly Myths About Accidents with Logging Trucks

    Having an accident is bad enough. Getting into an accident with a logging truck can be so much worse. Let’s take a closer look at the myths you believe about logging trucks that could cause more injuries for you, if not worse. 1. Representing yourself in court is a good idea. Not having a lawyer experienced in logging truck accidents […]

    Settling Your Workers’ Comp Case before the holidays

    Everyone needs extra money this time of year. With the holidays approaching, folks face plenty of added expenses — gifts, decorations, special meals, travel costs to visit family. Injured workers in North Carolina especially feel this pinch, because they are not working or earning less than usual. Often, this time of year is when the settlement offers roll in. Why […]