Are the stress levels so high at your job that you’re finding it difficult to not only get your work done but to live your everyday life because the stress is all-consuming?

If so, you may be able to obtain workers compensation benefits so you can take some time off and get the treatment you need. If you’re interested in learning more about how to get your work comp claim approved, or what to expect when dealing with the insurance company, read on.

The Criteria for Work Comp Approval in NC

Any company that employs more than three employees is obligated under North Carolina law to carry workers compensation coverage as part of their insurance policies. If you are hoping to be approved for these benefits, you will need to establish that the overwhelming stress you are experiencing has been directly caused by the work you do for your employer.

In most cases, once the levels of stress have gotten so high that these individuals begin to seek treatment, their physician will recommend that they take some time off of work to focus on their mental health. Having such medical documentation will go a long way in getting your claim approval from the insurer.

Expect the Insurer to Push Back on Your Claim

Work-related stress is a condition that you can almost certainly expect the insurance company to be leery of. The insurer loses money for every claim they approve, and if they can diminish the severity of your stress and it’s impact on your life, they can legally get away with denying your work compensation claim.

Fortunately, when you have a seasoned NC workers comp lawyer representing you, you stand a much better chance of being taken seriously by the insurer—and by the North Carolina Industrial Commission (NCIC), if filing an appeal becomes necessary.

Contact a North Carolina Workers Comp Lawyer

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