Dealing with the impact of a work-related illness or injury is a challenge for anyone. When you need to focus on your recovery and have to temporarily stop working to do so, you should be entitled to workers compensation benefits that can help support your family while you are unable to earn a living.

Many laws in North Carolina could affect your case. Continue reading to learn more about your workers comp rights in North Carolina and how a work comp lawyer in Raleigh can help.

State-Mandated Protection

Almost every employer in the state will be required by North Carolina law to provide employees with workers compensation coverage in the event of an illness or injury that occurs at work or because of work.

To expedite your claim approval, you’ll need to notify your employer of your injury within thirty days of the incident. If you fail to meet this critical deadline, you risk your claim being denied.

Benefits of North Carolina Workman’s Comp

After your workers compensation claim has been approved, you can expect to be provided with a few types of benefits. These may include coverage of the medical expenses you incurred due to your condition and death benefits if you are the surviving spouse or dependent of a worker who has passed away due to a workplace injury or illness.

In addition to these benefits, you will also be able to collect two-thirds of your average weekly earnings to replace a portion of your income while you are unable to work. Speak with your attorney if you have further questions about your workers comp benefits.

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