April Showers Bring May Flowers… for Workers’ Comp Claims

How is a workers’ comp claim like April in North Carolina? Pollen, rain, pollen, rain, pollen, rain…then finally…the first daffodil! April in Eastern North Carolina inevitably involves many rainy days, lots of itchy eyes, plenty of sneezing, and tons of patience. The key to getting through it? Knowing that first bloom is just around the corner.

Many workers’ compensation patients in North Carolina encounter a similar scenario. Even though the workers’ compensation system supposedly is meant to provide injured workers with seamless medical care and disability payments, things do not always run smoothly. Sick or injured workers in North Carolina often encounter untreated pain, disability, complicated forms, confusing bills, and frustrating conversations with employers and insurance adjusters. They struggle through the process alone, thinking the pollen and rain will never clear. Meanwhile, their health and even their families suffer from unreasonable delays and excuses. Even through these difficulties, they wait too long before seeking attorney advice.

Injured workers, take note! Clear skies and sunshine may be just a phone call away. The board-certified workers’ compensation attorneys at Ricci Law Firm Injury Lawyers regularly open umbrellas for injured workers, handling the stressful and complicated parts of their workers’ compensation claims. The sick or injured worker, with the rain and pollen out of the way, can then focus on their health and recovery. Many workers find their physical recovery is easier and quicker when they feel relaxed, are financially stable, and are sleeping well.

When the workers’ compensation attorneys at Ricci Law Firm Injury Lawyers first meet a new client, they often find that, before they were involved, many workers had been treated unfairly. Some of the pollen and rain the workers often encounter before retaining a workers’ compensation attorney:

  • Employers’ false claims that the Workers’ Compensation Act does not apply
  • Insurers’ wrongful refusals to provide essential medical treatment
  • Improper Form 61 or Form 63 denials of compensability
  • Unethical delays in approving necessary medical care or pain management
  • Intentional “missed” or late disability checks
  • Insufficient settlement offers
  • Unfair pressure to rush into settlement

If you or someone you love is suffering through the stress and questions of a workers’ compensation claim, consider the relief a board-certified workers’ compensation attorney can provide. Contact an attorney at Ricci Law Firm Injury Lawyers. Their board-certified attorneys may just be the daffodil bloom you’ve been waiting for.

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