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As a consumer, you rightly assume the products you purchase and use will meet your expectations of function and safety. When a product does not meet reasonable expectations because it has a defect that is dangerous, then any resulting injuries are grounds for a product liability claim.

Our experienced Greenville product liability lawyers can determine if you have a valid personal injury claim during a free case evaluation.

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What is Product Liability Lawsuits?

Our law firm handles virtually all types of claims based on defective products. If a product was defective and unexpectedly dangerous, then we can advocate for injury compensation on your behalf.

Two of the most common types of product liability claims at our law firm are:

  • Dangerous drugs: Certain pharmaceuticals cause injury or death. Sometimes these are accepted risks you are informed of ahead of time, but when an injury or death occurs because of a defect in the drug or because the drug did not contain sufficient labeling and warnings, then the drug may be considered defective and dangerous.
  • Defective medical devices: People rely on medical devices for life-saving and health-sustaining purposes, but a defective medical device can cause severe physical injury and death. Devices that have been subjects of product liability lawsuits in recent years include certain brands of transvaginal mesh and certain types of hip replacements.

Suffering an injury because of a defective device means you now have to deal with a host of medical bills and expenses, as well as losing wages because you cannot work.

You may also be struggling with intense pain and suffering as a result of your injury. Our Greenville product liability attorneys have 60 years of combined experience fighting to recover compensation for these types of damages.

Injured by a Defective Product?

Potentially responsible parties for a defective product include manufacturers, companies that assemble the products, and even wholesalers.

There are three premises on which a claim may be based:

  • Defective design: A product may have been dangerous from its very conception, when it was designed. The product is inherently dangerous and defective.
  • Defective in manufacturing: During the assembling or making of a product, a defect can be created. Examples include defective car parts such as tires or brakes.
  • Defective marketing: This type of product liability encompasses insufficient instructions for how to use the product and insufficient safety warnings or labeling.

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Our Greenville product liability lawyers have the knowledge, experience, and resources to determine which of these defects resulted in your or your loved one’s injuries.

Our fees are collected on a contingency fee basis, which means you only pay if we win compensation on your behalf.

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