Car accidents happen at an alarming rate in Raleigh and the surrounding areas. You may not realize when it happens to you just how complicated and overwhelming the process can be to obtain the compensation owed when someone else causes your injuries and losses. At Ricci Law Firm, P.A., our Raleigh car accident lawyers have the experience you can rely on when injured.

Why Choose Our Car Accident Lawyers in Raleigh, NC?

As Raleigh personal injury attorneys with extensive experience, we understand all you are facing in a difficult situation like this. Even if the case seems to be simple, it rarely is, and that puts you at risk for complications ranging from not getting the money you are owed to waiting years for a settlement. When you choose to work with our car accident lawyers in Raleigh, you can count on a few key things.

Decades of Experience Working for You

With over 60 years of combined legal experience, our attorneys have worked through some challenging cases in the past. We have overcome significant challenges. We know the process and all of the stumbling blocks that limit claims, and we know the courts. Our reputation is stellar. Let us work for you.

You Are Our Focus

Car accidents often result in numerous injuries and massive changes to your life. It is our goal to help you find financial relief from some of those struggles. We focus heavily on your case from the start and continue to communicate with you throughout it. Our priority is ensuring you have quality legal representation so you can focus on healing.

We Are Here for You

If you have been in a car accident or you are facing complications in that claim process, do not wait to call us. Our team is here 24 hours a day to provide support and handle even the most sensitive of legal matters with care. Even if you are just not sure what you should do or what your legal options are, we can offer clarity.

We Fight for You

After a car accident, there is a lot on the line. Someone else caused you this pain and suffering. We will work closely with you throughout your case to minimize these frustrations. We fight for our clients, which means going to court if necessary.

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Ricci Law Firm, P.C. is committed to our clients. If you were hurt in a car accident, call us now. Let us provide you with a full, free consultation to discuss your case privately. We are committed to being there to help you today.

Why You Need a Car Accident Lawyer in Raleigh, NC

According to data from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), $340 billion in motor vehicle crashes occurred in the United States in 2019. The report found that 4.5 million people suffered injuries, 36,500 people died in these crashes, and 23 million vehicles were impacted overall. That incredible figure is one of the most important reasons why you need to work with a trusted auto insurance accident lawyer if you have been a victim.

Insurance companies work very hard not to pay out the compensation they owe but to minimize what they pay. They are a profit-driven organization. As a result, they will do all they can to settle your case quickly and for the lowest possible dollar value. This is rarely fair to you, and it is critical that you protect yourself and your family from further financial loss at their hands.

Putting aside the insurance company’s pressuring and tactics, there are other key reasons to work with a car accident attorney for your case.

Determining Who Is at Fault

It may be easy enough to know who is at fault for your car accident if it was just a single other driver. Other times, this is complex. It could include third parties like the driver’s employer or the vehicle manufacturer that failed in their design. We determine who is responsible so everyone can be held accountable.

Estimating Your Losses

This is one of the most important areas for our legal team to help our clients with since it is very common for people not to fully understand the losses they have. We want to do everything we can to maximize your compensation. As a result, we will look at all types of losses you have, including:

Economic damages such as:

  • All of your medical bills from the accident
  • Medical bills for continued care you need
  • Medication costs
  • Lost time at work
  • Damage to your vehicle
  • Ongoing rehabilitation and in-home support
  • Changes to your home or vehicle due to new limitations

Noneconomic damages such as:

  • Pain and suffering
  • Emotional trauma
  • Loss of consortium
  • Loss of earning capacity
  • Damage to your relationships
  • Impact on your ability to do the thing you enjoy

There are some situations where you may also be eligible for punitive damages. If the court approves these losses, they are meant to be a way to discourage the driver from engaging in the same type of action again. This may happen in cases related to intoxication or reckless driving.

We Negotiate Your Losses for You

Once we have a good understanding of the losses you have, our auto accident attorneys in Raleigh, NC, will then negotiate with the insurance company to maximize the compensation owed to you. We know that insurance companies want to reduce what they pay. We bring the evidence and data to prove that you are owed compensation.

For example, our attorneys will gather evidence from your medical care provider, medical experts, and others to demonstrate how this injury will impact you for years to come. We will outline the details of how the losses have impacted your family, your ability to work, and your relationships. We make it clear what this has cost you so that we can comprehensively push for a high settlement for you.

We Go to Court When it is Necessary

Most car accident cases are settled out of court. With the evidence we present and the work we do, this becomes more possible than many recognize. Yet, there are times when insurance companies are not fair. That is when our auto accident lawyers will go to court to fight for the compensation you are owed.

Common Injuries in Car Accidents in Raleigh, NC

Car accidents can happen on busy highways, side streets, or parking lots. No matter the speed of the vehicles, any type of accident can create life-threatening damage to a victim. The injuries in high-speed accidents or those involving trucks or larger vehicles tend to be some of the most devastating. Our Raleigh, NC, car accident attorneys fight for victims of all types with all levels of injuries.

Some of the most common injuries in car accidents that we support include the following:

  • Traumatic brain injuries
  • Spinal cord damage, including those resulting in partial or full paralysis
  • Lacerations
  • Internal organ damage
  • Bruns
  • Disfigurement injuries
  • Amputations
  • Back, neck, and shoulder damage
  • Crushing accidents
  • Death 

There are many times when these injuries will require ongoing medical care, not just one-time treatment. If your condition has resulted in a complicated recovery, including surgeries, hospital stays, medications, infections, and other complexities, we encourage you not to settle your claim without speaking to our accident attorneys. Your costs may be extensive and long-lasting. You need to have a trusted resource available to help you avoid settling your claim for less than you are owed.

How Much Is Your Car Accident Case Worth in Raleigh, NC?

One of the most common questions we receive is about the worth of a car accident case. It is always an important factor, but there is no easy answer for this until we look at your case and uncover more of the information related to what happened to you and why. Most importantly, our attorneys will work to ensure you fully understand the losses you have.

Initially, this means your medical bills. However, in nearly all situations, it needs to go further. For example, you may have spent time in the hospital getting care after the accident. Then, you have follow-up appointments, secondary procedures, ongoing pain medication needs, and specialist care.

We also need to consider if this will impact your ability to live your life as you want to. If you have difficulty walking now as a result of the car accident, that means it can be difficult for you to engage in sports, take trips, or just garden. Our goal is to fully understand the impact of your losses so we can fight for compensation for you in those areas.

How We Build a Strong Case After Your Car Accident

Our Raleigh auto accident attorneys have experience you can depend on. When you meet with us, we will discuss your case with you at length. We will go over some of the most common challenges and work to better understand the potential losses you have.

As an at-fault state, your car accident losses in North Carolina are the responsibility of the party that caused them. There are limitations to this, which we will discuss with you during our free case evaluation. To prove losses and fight for your compensation, our team will work tirelessly to build a strong case.

To prove your case, we will gather evidence from multiple sources and compile it into a clear description of what occurred, why, and how. This makes it far more difficult for anyone to refute your claim. We will gather evidence from multiple resources, including:

  • Photos from the accident
  • Photos of the damage to the cars
  • Data from video in the area
  • Witness statements
  • Police reports
  • Medical evaluations from all drivers
  • Data from any black box that may be onboard a commercial vehicle
  • Cell phone records of all drivers
  • Accident recreation evidence

If there is information out there that proves your case, we will find it and apply it to your situation, fighting for you to get fair and full compensation.

What You Need to Know About Contributory Negligence in North Carolina

One of the most important reasons to work with our car accident attorneys is that North Carolina uses a pure contributory negligence rule. This means that if you are found to be even just 1% responsible for the car accident, you are unable to file a claim for any damages.

This is harsh, and it is one of the most common ways insurance companies work to reduce what they pay out – and if they pay out – anything. Because of how much is on the line, we want to use all of the available evidence to make it crystal clear you did nothing to cause this accident and, therefore, deserve compensation for your losses.

If you fail to prove this, the insurance company will not pay out anything. You suffer again. It is our job to make every effort to eliminate that risk.

Let Us Fight for the Compensation You Are Owed – Schedule a Free Consultation with Our Car Accident Lawyers in Raleigh, NC

Ricci Law Firm, P.C. is committed to providing exceptional legal representation to our clients. We know you are facing a wide range of challenges due to the actions of another person, and we want to fight the insurance companies and courts to ensure you get the fair compensation owed to you. This starts with a free case evaluation.

You do not pay us for this evaluation. You speak to an attorney or a member of our team. We get all of the details in your case. We then provide you with a clear indication of what your next step is. If we can help you get the money you are owed, we will do so.

To get started, set up a free consultation with our Raleigh, NC, car accident lawyers by calling our office now. There is nothing to pay. There is no obligation to work with us. It is just information you can use to make a decision on how to move forward with your case.

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