Limb Injuries or Loss

I’m Brian Ricci, a Greenville amputation injury lawyer. Many people may take their bodies for granted, giving hardly any thought to the ease with which they use their legs, arms and hands to go about their days and complete tasks for work or at home. However, loss of the use of any one limb or the removal of a limb due to catastrophic injuries caused by an auto accident or an accident at work can drastically change your life. People in Greenville, North Carolina, and any of the nearby areas in Pitt County, who must have one or more of their limbs amputated because of the negligence of someone else should be aware of their legal options.

Causes of Limb Loss

There are a wide range of situations that can result in limb injuries or the loss of a limb. They can include:

The Toll Losing a Limb

As someone who loses the use of a limb or must have a limb amputated because of an incident brought on by the negligence of some other party, you will likely find yourself facing multiple expenses. You may have to deal with extremely high medical bills, rehabilitation costs, medication expenses and more. However, the most expensive costs of an amputation that results from a catastrophic accident may be the depression and loss of independence you may experience as well as the effects the event can have on your loved ones. As an amputee, you may be required to depend on others to help you perform daily tasks that you once were able to complete with ease. You and your loved ones may all share in the emotional toll the loss of a limb may cause.

Compensation and Limb Loss

According North Carolina law, every limb or finger has a specifically assigned degree of value. If you sustain a work injury that results in you no longer being able to use a certain limb, you may pursue financial damages that are based on the degree of value for that digit or limb. However, the compensation could possibly be doubled if the injury you sustain results in the loss or amputation of the limb. Some examples of the maximum workers’ compensation amounts that North Carolina allows for the damage to certain body parts and for any future lost wages include:

  • $234,720 for an arm
  • $195,600 for a leg
  • $19,560 for a ring finger
  • $140,832 for a foot

Getting the Compensation You Need

As an amputee who will have to become adjusted to living with a loss of a limb, you want to make sure that any award to which you may be legally entitled to is correctly calculated and that you are able to receive the maximum amount of compensation. If you were injured while on the job, you may be entitled to workers’ compensation. You may also have cause to file a third-party or product liability lawsuit, depending on the circumstances surrounding the accident that damaged your limb. You want to be sure that your compensation includes any costs for prosthetic devices and their eventual replacements. The compensation may also include costs for mental health assistance, like counseling, which may be necessary after experiencing such a catastrophic event.

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