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Personal Injury Lawyers Serving New Bern

Every day thousands of Americans get injured on the roads, at work, and by products that never should have made it into stores. When innocent people get hurt, they deserve a strong advocate on their side.

Ricci Law Firm Injury Lawyers are here to fill that role. Whether you are facing an insurance company giving you a measly settlement for your injury, an employer refusing to cover the costs for the injury you sustained at work, or an SSDi denial, our New Bern attorneys are here to help.

Fighting for Victims of Injuries in New Bern, NC

When one member of our community hurts, all of us hurt. We have seen the value of taking care of those who need support and recognize our value for those who have been injured.

Our attorneys have decades of experience under their belts, and are dedicated to using it to improve the lives of our clients and our communities. With an extensive knowledge of the ins and outs of personal injury law, our attorneys are well suited for whatever your case may throw our way.

Serving New Bern’s Community

Our community shapes our firm and our attorneys, and here in New Bern we know it shapes us for the better. That’s why we started Eastern NC Cares, our fund to support local nonprofits in eastern North Carolina. We have so far donated thousands of dollars to veteran’s care, food banks, and the general betterment of our state.

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When you get injured you might hesitate to pick up the phone. You might dismiss the accident as just that: an accident, and feel as though seeking damages would be too much work. We are here to tell you that your well-being is worth the effort.

If your injury has been weighing on your mind or impacting your life and you are unsure about how to proceed, don’t hesitate to contact our New Bern office. Our team is here to listen to your situation and offer professional advice. Simply schedule a call and take advantage of your free case evaluation.