Standing Up to Big Pharmaceutical Companies

Although the country’s drug manufacturers have a responsibility to warn consumers of all of the risks associated with using their products, all too often consumers are injured or killed by the effects of dangerous prescription and over-the-counter medications. While these drug makers collect billions of dollars in profits each year, unsuspecting consumers can be left with devastating injuries and catastrophic medical expenses.

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Common Defective & Dangerous Drug Claims

Just several of the dangerous drug cases our attorneys have handled include:

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Holding Powerful Drug Manufacturers Accountable

Drug companies have a duty to inform consumers when they discover a dangerous defect or flaw in a medication. But drug manufacturers all too often place profit before the public’s safety. In specific past cases, drug makers were aware of a dangerous problem but failed to warn anyone. In other cases, drugs may be rushed through safety and effectiveness testing, which can lead to an incomplete understanding of the risks associated with the drug. Our experienced lawyers can determine if the cause of your drug injury is grounds for a claim.

The corporations who make pharmaceutical medications are big, powerful and intimidating. They understand their liability and are fully prepared to defend themselves. You need an equally aggressive and knowledgeable defective products attorney on your side. With extensive experience in injury law and with the resources of a large firm, our lawyers are personally committed to advocating for the best possible resolution to your case.

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