Motorcycle Safety and Causes of Accidents

I’m Brian Ricci, a Motorcycle accident attorney serving Greenville, NC and the surrounding areas. Motorcycles are a common sight in and around Greenville, and you’ve decided to join the ranks. It’s true that riding a motorcycle is a lot of fun and offers a kind of freedom a car never will. But it also requires responsible and defensive riding techniques to avoid getting into an accident. The beautiful weather in North Carolina is perfect for motorcycle riding, it means drivers aren’t as aware as they should be due to seeing riders on a regular basis. New riders are more prone to making mistakes and assuming car drivers follow the rules of the road. Especially concerning for new riders is that lawsuits arising out of motorcycle accidents often involve allegations that the motorcyclist’s own negligence in some way caused or contributed to his or her injuries. Following are some tips for new riders to keep in mind and protect themselves from a crash.

Practice Defensive Riding

Cars offer a much larger buffer against injury than a motorcycle ever can. You may be able to tune out and go on autopilot when driving, but you most certainly cannot when you ride a motorcycle. Keep your eyes open, be aware of other cars, and anticipate what they might do in any given situation. Don’t accelerate fast off the line and take it slow when you’re not sure of the conditions ahead of you. The saying “use your eyes in the back of your head” is very appropriate when riding a motorcycle. That means use your mirrors, turn your head, and don’t trust that the space next to you will stay open.

Wear Safety Gear at All Times

Motorcycle accidents mean your body is going to hit the pavement and/or the motorcycle. It won’t matter if you fall over with the motorcycle or get hit by a car. There’s nothing securing you to the motorcycle to prevent you from flying off. Wear a helmet always to prevent head injury and put on safety gear that helps absorb impact and prevents road rash. Gloves, Kevlar pants, and boots reduce road rash and can absorb some impact to protect your body. You would never want to do is ride a bike in shorts, t-shirt and flip flops.

Take a Safety Course

You might have learned how to ride a motorcycle in a deserted parking lot with a friend or family member and have mastered the machine. But what you might not realize is the importance of knowing the rules of the road for motorcyclists. They’re not only laws, they’re also a safety guide to help you stay out of harms way. A safety course teaches you all of the rules and helps you pass the licensing test for motorcyclists. In North Carolina, you must get an endorsement for motorcycle riding on your license.

Practice makes perfect when it comes to riding a motorcycle. The longer you ride, the better you get, but you should never forget your safety lessons. And if you get into an accident, give us a call to find out if we can help you during the aftermath.

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