The Most Common Ways for a Bicyclist to be Hit by a Motorist

Riding a bicycle can be quite dangerous in today’s day and age with so many motor vehicles on the road as well. Being a bicyclist has its own challenges when it comes to accidents and here is a list of some of the most common accidents seen on the road today. Let’s take a look at them and how to prevent them, shall we?

1. Riding on the sidewalk.

When you are riding on a sidewalk, you come across the unique challenge of crossing lanes of traffic at a crosswalk. You might think it’s not as much of a safety concern if you wait for the pedestrian light to turn green. However, there are motorists out there who might not pay any attention to that pedestrian cross-walk light. Because of that, they will blow right through it with you being hit while crossing through to the other side. You can prevent this danger from happening by not riding on the sidewalk and opting to ride on the road in the same direction as other motorists. You will also prevent any pedestrians from being in danger as you pass them on a sidewalk.

2. Stopping in a driver’s blind spot.

This is a very dangerous thing to do, especially if the driver is in the act of parallel parking. It is even more dangerous if they have just finished parking and are getting ready to get out of their vehicle. If you are in their blind spot for any length of time at this point, you run the major risk of being hit by their opening car door. Because of this danger, it is a good idea to maneuver your vehicle to a place where the motorists can see you with ease. Make sure you never come to a complete stop in an intersection if you can’t see the driver in front of you through their side-view mirror. If you can’t see their face, they certainly can’t see yours!

3. Passing a driver on their right.

This is a sure-fire way to get hit by a car door or while they are turning. If you are stopped in their blind spot for any reason, the motorist won’t know you’re there. They will continue on to their destination and hit you because of this. You are at a disadvantage in this area because you are smaller than someone driving in a car. Because of that reason, you will have to do more to get a motorist’s attention, which is why you should wave to get their attention. You can also find a way to maneuver your bike to a place where the motorist CAN see you.

4. Not looking before crossing the street.

As a bicyclist, you will also have a blind spot or sometimes two of them. Because of this, you should always look thoroughly before you cross any lane of traffic. If you do not, you are running a huge risk of hitting a motor vehicle because you didn’t know they were there. You might even hit a pedestrian because you didn’t know they were crossing the road or passing you from behind you. Because of this, you should always look around you as much as you can to prevent an accident from happening.

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