If you’ve filed a workers compensation claim, you are probably wondering what your benefits will cover and how much compensation you will receive. Every case is different, but the amount claimants receive is calculated in the same way across the state of North Carolina.

Continue reading to learn more about how your workers comp settlement will be calculated.

When You’ve Been with Your Employer for at Least a Year

If you worked for the same company for at least a year prior to your workplace injury, your workers compensation wage benefits will be calculated by taking the average of your weekly earnings over the last fifty-two weeks of your employment. Once this average has been calculated, you may collect approximately two-thirds of your average weekly salary.

The state sets maximums for this formula each year. Your wage-replacement benefits will not exceed the state maximum for the year you are injured.

Employed for Less Than One Year? This Is How Your Benefits Are Calculated

If you are an employee who has been working for your company for less than one year, your average weekly salary may be calculated by dividing the total amount of money you’ve earned so far by the number of weeks you’ve been working for the company. Then, you will likely be entitled to two-thirds of that weekly average amount.

Other Considerations

When a relatively new employee is injured on the job, the above ways of calculating workers comp wage benefits may not reflect the employee’s true average weekly earnings. In cases like these, the formula may include the average weekly salary of an employee whose income would be similar to that of the injured employee who is seeking workers comp benefits.

Also keep in mind that workers comp insurance should also cover all medical costs related to your injuries.

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