As part of the workers compensation claims process, the insurance company many request that you submit to an independent medical exam (IME) by the physician of their choice. By law, you’ll be required to do so if you hope to have your claim approved, as the insurer will be within their legal rights to deny your claim for such a refusal.

Once you have completed your exam, you’ll likely be wondering what you should expect next for your work comp claim. Below, we discuss what will happen immediately following your IME and how to go about pursuing an appeal if your claim was denied.

A Review of the Physician’s Report

The physician who conducted your IME will be sending their findings over to the insurance company for review. Hopefully, the doctor will recognize how serious your injuries are and why you should be out of work while you recover.

Then, the insurance adjuster will use this supporting medical documentation to make a decision in your case. If your claim is approved, shortly thereafter you’ll begin collecting your benefits. If not, you and your lawyer will need to prepare your work compensation appeal.

Appealing a Denied Work Comp Claim

The appeals process is relatively straightforward. You’ll file your appeal with the North Carolina Industrial Commission (NCIC). A hearing will be scheduled, and your attorney will plead your case before the commissioner. Your employer and their insurer will then have the chance for a rebuttal, and your denial will either be overturned or upheld.

It isn’t uncommon for insurance companies to request that their claimants be independently evaluated, just as it isn’t uncommon for the insurer to deny the claim of a well-deserving claimant. If you receive a denial, you can rest assured that your attorney will do everything possible to >obtain the benefits> you deserve.

Reach Out to a North Carolina Workers Comp Lawyer

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