Greenville Workers’ Compensation Lawyers

As someone who works with heavy machinery and equipment requiring specific skills and training, you are at risk for a severe worker injury. Factory and warehouse workers who suffer injuries are entitled to workers’ compensation benefits.

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Common Factory & Warehouse Accidents

Our firm advocate for the rights of victims and their families in the aftermath of warehouse and factory accidents, including:

  • Forklift accidents
  • Loading dock accidents
  • Conveyor belt accidents
  • Drill press accidents
  • Falling inventory accidents
  • Accidents causing lifting injuries
  • Repetitive motion injuries

Forklifts in particular can be dangerous machinery. While forklifts are essential pieces of equipment in most factories and warehouses, they can cause serious harm if not operated properly or if equipment malfunctions. Accidents may involve an operator negligently backing over someone, driving the equipment over someone’s foot, dropping heavy objects on someone or other serious incidents.

Our Greenville factory warehouse injuries lawyers have the knowledge to help you secure compensation for most types of common work injuries, whether you sustained a back or neck injury (such as a herniated disc) when lifting something heavy at the loading dock, lost a limb due to machinery malfunctions or you lost a loved one in a fatal forklift accident.

Pursue Compensation for Your Injuries, Medical Care & Lost Wages

Workers’ compensation exists to provide financial help when you are injured on the job. If your employer carries this type of insurance, then you are entitled to injury benefits. In other cases, you may be able to pursue further compensation in a lawsuit against a third party, such as a manufacturer of defective equipment.

It can be difficult to know where to turn when recovering from a serious injury or mourning the loss of your family member. Our attorneys help clients pursue rightful workers’ compensation benefits and, when appropriate, compensation in a third-party liability claim. We have the knowledge and personal dedication to your case necessary to fight aggressively for compensation on your behalf.

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