Take Extra Caution on the Roads After “Springing Forward”

I’m Brian Ricci, a car crash lawyer in Greenville, NC. The lost hour of sleep when we “spring forward”can cause more difficulties than arriving late to church on Sunday morning. Residents of Greenville, and the greater Pitt County area, need to be aware of the greater risks of driving in the week following the start of Daylight Savings Time. Those most at risk for increased accidents, teenagers and older folks, are advised to get additional rest once DST begins, and for the entire week following. Research has shown that getting four to five hours of sleep can also lead to impaired driving, and causes the same level of impairment as driving under the influence of alcohol. Additionally, when we drive tired, it becomes easier to be distracted. Keep safety in mind after turning clocks forward and get some extra sleep to avoid a car crash or other accident.

It has been reported in Greenville, NC, and elsewhere, that research has proven crashes increase during the days immediately following the beginning of Daylight Savings. For at least a week after turning our clocks ahead one hour, drivers in Pitt County need to exercise extra caution both in their own driving and their awareness of other drivers. Do not rely upon caffeine or other stimulants to maintain alertness while driving, instead, get more rest and get some extra sleep.

Safe drivers are alert and aware of the other cars on the road, they exercise caution, follow all traffic laws, and maintain the speed limit always. Excessive tiredness can cause even the safest of drivers to make mistakes and use poor judgment. A temporary lapse in judgment is enough to change your life forever. Extra rest will help you to maintain the necessary alertness that you need to be a safe driver, and will help you to be aware of the other drivers on the road who may be sleep deprived and driving in an unsafe manner. Conscientious drivers know not to get behind the wheel if they are not feeling completely awake and alert.

Planning ahead and getting the necessary amount of sleep to function well is easy to do, and very much worth the effort. Safe driving is something to strive for every day of the year, here in Greenville, or wherever you may travel. Following the advice of local officials by getting some extra rest will help to keep our Greenville roads safe and free from accidents. Daylight Savings Time does have many benefits, especially with light extending later into the evenings, giving us the opportunity to enjoy the beautiful outdoors and spend time with friends and family in the natural wonder of Pitt County.

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