5 Valuable Pieces of Evidence in a Motorcycle Accident

An accident while on your motorcycle is incredibly stressful. You can make the claims process less stressful for yourself if you have these 5 pieces of evidence on your person.

1. Injuries

Do you or the other driver have any injuries? Are there any other people in the surrounding area have injuries that need medical attention? This is the time to call 9-1-1 to get those injuries looked at by medical professionals. Do not wait to be checked out – the injuries could become worse and cause further financial harm in the future. Make sure you also have all injuries documented for the claims process, either by yourself or by a doctor or nurse. Have any photographic evidence of injuries can help your claim.

2. Vehicle Debris

There is a good chance that your motorcycle has been heavily damaged by the accident. Because of the damages sustained by both your motorcycle and the other vehicle, there are going to be debris lying on the road. You are also injured so you might not be able to take photos of the scene of the accident. If you are not able to take photos of the debris, don’t be afraid to ask someone else to take those photos. You want as much evidence on what happened as you can possibly get. The more photographic proof you have, the better off you’ll be during the claims process.

3. Witnesses

Are there any witnesses to the accident? Make sure to speak with this people and that they speak to the police officer as well. The witnesses can easily lead credibility to your explanation to the accident so make sure to listen to what these people have to say. If you feel comfortable doing so, you can ask them to take photos of the accident if you are unable to do so. It’s also a good idea to get their contact information for your insurance company to contact them. Your lawyer may also wish to contact them for clarification on certain things they have said to you. They will record this information for further use if it comes to that.

4. All explanations of the wreck

You will also want to speak with the other driver in the accident if you are able to do so. If either one of you needs medical attention, make sure to get their contact information if possible. The police report will have that information if it comes to that and the police officer will make sure to give that report to you. It is a good idea to make sure your lawyer gets in contact with the other driver if you are unable to make contact with them yourself. Your lawyer and insurance representative will both have questions about what the other driver says occurred during the accident. It is a good idea to let your lawyer contact the other driver, if not let the police officer or insurance company handle the contact.

5. Police Report

The police report can give you evidence for the claims process. This police report can give details on what happened to cause the accident and what happened to both vehicles during the accident itself. There is a section on the police report where the police officer gives their expert opinion on who they believed caused the accident. This piece of information can influence how the claims process turns out, so it can work in your favor or against it.

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