How Long Will My Personal Injury Settlement Take?

Being injured because of your employer’s actions or lack thereof can be a stressful time for you. You are out of work because of your injury and cannot pay your bills in a timely manner. You have to watch them pile up with no way to get a strong handle on paying them all.

While all this is happening, your personal injury case is winding its way slowly through the system. You can’t help feeling tempted to take a settlement earlier than you were advised just to get the money you need to pay the bills stacking up against you. How long does it actually take to get the money you deserve, though?  Let’s take a look at answering this question for you.

How long will it take for my case to get through the legal system?

When you’re injured because of the actions or negligence of another person, you definitely want your personal injury case resolved in a timely manner. A lot of the time this is true because you have bills you need to pay that are beginning to pile up. Nine times out of ten, you aren’t making enough money to pay the bills in full because you are out of work due to the injury you sustained in the accident.

The people who want these bills paid will want the money immediately or as soon as you get some money in your own hands. Because of the stress this fact can cause, you might be interested in taking a settlement earlier than your legal team would recommend. This results in a loss of the money for you in the long run while it results in a win for the insurance company because they don’t have to pay you as much money as you deserve.

It can be a difficult decision to make that puts you in a tough position as the bills continue to pile up against you. If you want to wait out the storm and get the money you know you deserve, the process can take much longer. It can take up to 2 or 3 years as your case winds through the court system.

What will the insurance company try?

You can expect the insurance company to try several times to get you to settle out of court for less money. They might also get you to muddy up your case by admitting to things about your injury that are not true. The insurance company might even send a private investigator out to watch your house as you go about your day. They want to catch you doing something that can help them prove that you aren’t injured at all, so they can get the case thrown out of court altogether.

Because of this, you will want to contact your lawyer to tell them of anything you notice. This is especially true for the unusual vehicles located outside your house. The less you speak to the insurance company, the more likely you’ll be successful in your case. The more you depend on your lawyer to handle your case, the more likely you’ll get the money you both know you deserve.

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