The History and Meaning Behind our Labor Day Holiday

    For many Americans, the first Monday in September marks the unofficial end of summer. People associate Labor Day with picnics, a break from school or work and even automotive and mattress sales. In reality, however, Labor Day is a meaningful holiday, and an opportunity to pay tribute to the workers who quietly support our country’s strength and prosperity. Early Recognition […]

    What are NC Industrial Commission Forms 18 and 19?

    When an employee gets injured on the job, the employer and employee are required by law to submit forms to the North Carolina Industrial Commission. This is done to support the workers’ compensation claim of the employee, limit liability, and avoid sanctions for not properly informing the state of the incident. Both parties fill out an injury report and submit […]

    Common Eye Injuries That Can Occur in an Accident

    I’m Brian Ricci, an injury and workers’ compensation attorney serving Greenville and the rest of North Carolina. The human eye is an astounding feat of biological engineering. A multitude of components work together to allow our eyes to take in raw information about the world and communicate those messages to the brain. Tiny blood vessels, intricate musculature and an entwined […]

    Dangers of Working in Paper Mills

    I’m Brian Ricci, an attorney representing paper mill workers across all of North Carolina. There’s no arguing the fact that North Carolina paper mills are inherently dangerous places to work at the best of times. Moving around everything from wood pulp to finished rolls of paper comes with risks that are usually minimized through the use of safety gear and […]

    The Dangers of Heat Exposure in Construction Work

    Brian Ricci, an attorney representing construction workers across all North Carolina. With summer just around the corner, many companies who rely on outdoor workers are preparing to ramp up their safety training programs. Keeping workers safe while out in the heat is a serious matter, and there are many heat-related injuries and even deaths that take place each and every […]

    Knee Injuries Due to Job Related Accidents in Pitt County NC

    I’m Brian Ricci, a workers’ compensation attorney serving Greenville and the rest of North Carolina. Has a knee injury been keeping you out of work and from the activities you love most? Sitting, standing, running, jumping, walking… your knees are involved and can become vulnerable to potential workplace injuries. We often think of knee injuries usually being associated with professions […]

    Common Burn Injures Received at Work

    I’m Brian Ricci, a workers’ compensation attorney in Greenville, NC focusing on burn injuries. Greenville and Pitt County has its fair share of industrial jobs that involve working with hazardous materials and electricity. North Carolina workers put their bodies and lives at risk every time they’re on the clock working in hazardous conditions. Most employers make sure to observe OSHA […]

    Common Hospital Employee Injuries

    Hospitals are among the most hazardous places to work in North Carolina. There’s any number of life-altering situations a hospital employee might experience while on the job. They include but are not limited to slippery conditions, unstable patients, and heavy lifting. Nurses are infamous for having back problems because of their duties, but all hospital staff are at risk of […]

    Common Work-Related Nursing Injuries

    Nursing is a job many feel called to do. Helping people in their time of need is a wonderful feeling, but that high also comes with lows. Nurses suffer work-related injuries no matter what hospital they work in. In fact, the nursing field is facing a shortage as fewer people decide to join the profession. It’s possible that the lack […]