Can My Employer Force Me to Return to Work Before I’m Ready?

Getting injured at work can be a very frightening thing. You need time to recover from the injury, no matter how bad it may have been for you.

If the injury is bad enough, you may have gone to the emergency room. You need your doctor to sign a form that says it is alright for you to return to work.

Your employer shouldn’t impede on your recovery, no matter how important the reason is. But what if your supervisor does call you in to work before you’re ready?

There is also the thought that you might not have a job when you are ready to return. The employer could get fed up with waiting on your doctor to sign the release form and replace you.

This is a great time to call a lawyer to see about your legal options in this situation. Let’s consider your options if you get called back to work before you’re ready.

Check for a return to work policy at your current job.

Most companies today have an employee handbook that talks about on-the-job injuries. Look in this handbook to see if it says anything about a return to work policy.

A lot of companies have a policy that talks about how to transition into your former duties. Your employer might not call it a return to work policy but there should be something in the handbook.

If there is nothing spelled out in the handbook, make sure to ask your supervisor if you are ever injured on the job. Most employers need a doctor to sign off on your health before you return to work.

Your employer can’t force you to return until a doctor clears you.

The doctor must sign off on your good health before you can return to your prior job. That way, you won’t get injured again while on the job.

If the employer has you coming back to work before the doctor signs off, they could get into trouble. You have rights as an employee of the company, even if they aren’t spelled out.

Your health should come first and not the job you were fulfilling for the company. If the employer asks you to come back before you’re ready, ask them to give you time to speak to a doctor about it.

If the supervisor or employer is still asking for you to come back, seek out a lawyer for their opinion. Equipment at the company harmed you so you have rights.

Call a lawyer to see about your options if the need arises.

Having a lawyer is always in your best interests. Having a lawyer experienced in workers’ compensation would be even better for you. They would know what your options are in this case.

Getting the time off from work that you deserve shouldn’t be difficult. You need time to heal and an employer who understands that need for their employees.

Make sure to call a lawyer for a consultation as soon as the need to do so arises. The longer you wait, the worse off your chances are of getting your full time off. There is no time better than the present.

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