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    What to Do If You Get Into a Wreck on a Motorcycle

    You got a new motorcycle for your birthday and you get into a wreck. You haven’t had the motorcycle long and this thought irritates you. You aren’t sure what the process is for reporting the wreck but you figure it can’t be very different from reporting one between two cars. Let’s take a closer look into what you should do […]

    What Not To Do During the Workers’ Comp Claim Process

    Knowing what to do during a workers’ comp case can be very difficult to determine, especially if you are going through it alone. Let’s take a closer look at what you should NOT do during this process. Don’t discuss your case with anyone other than people involved in the case. This is very important for everyone to pay attention to. […]

    What to Do After Getting Injured in a Motorcycle Wreck

    Getting into a wreck with a car while on your motorcycle can cause a lot of injuries to you. It could also cause the other driver to get injured as well. Being injured means you will have to spend time in a hospital, which can be stressful in of itself. Because of this, your insurance company will have to be […]

    Pedestrian Accidents

    You check the cross-walk before crossing it in your vehicle, though you don’t see the person who just walked out into it. You hit the person and you can feel the impact of your car hitting them as if you were shot by a gun. You cringe as you slam on the brakes, not realizing how much damage you could […]

    5 Deadly Myths About Motorcycle Accidents

    Accidents while on your motorcycle can be catastrophic even while wearing bodily protection. There are myths about motorcycles that could be deadly for those who believe them. Let’s look closer at the five myths listed below. Do you believe any of them? 1. Helmets with full-face protection will restrict your vision. This myth could easily get you killed. Wearing a […]

    Diminution of Value

    You’re coming home from work one Thursday evening and find yourself in a wreck. The person at fault for the wreck is on the wrong side of the road, heading toward you, when they hit the front bumper of your vehicle. You can’t help feeling more than a little dazed and confused by this situation as you wonder how you’re […]

    Physical Impairments

    The thought of being disabled, even for a temporary period of time, can be frightening for some people. It is unnerving to think that you might have to take time off from work for a period of time so you can heal properly. Even if you are getting paid through Workers’ Comp during this time, it is still scary not […]

    Wrecks with Logging Trucks

      1. Take a moment to calm yourself down. Make sure that you take a moment to calm down once your car has come to a stop. Make sure your mind is not racing before you get out of your vehicle. Do not make any decisions during this time, as you are emotional. Your decisions will not be made on […]