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    4 Reasons Motorcycle Wrecks Can Be Harsh

    Motorcycle accidents can be a pain so let’s take a look into how it becomes a pain for you and the other driver involved in the wreck. 1. It can cause horrible injuries. An accident with a motorcycle can lead to catastrophic injuries to the motorcyclist. These injuries could include broke bones, road rash, or an injured spine. The injured […]

    How Contact With Benzene Dangerous to You

    One of the worst things that can happen is a disease caused by a hazard at the workplace. In this case, that hazard comes in the form of Benzene. This substance can be extremely dangerous to those who come into contact with it. It seems as though it becomes more and more dangerous the longer you are in contact with […]

    Workers’ Comp or Private Lawsuit? Some Things to Consider

    Most of the time, you are only allowed to file a workers’ comp claim after getting injured at work. You are also given the chance during certain situations, however, to file a lawsuit against your employer. Let’s take a look at your options in terms of filing a workers’ comp claim versus a private lawsuit. Your Initial Options If you […]

    How to React to a Situation with an Aggressive Driver

    One of the more stressful things for drivers today is a situation with an aggressive driver. This altercation could lead to a road rage incident, which can be even more stressful. What happens if this incident occurs when you are traveling to work on a tight schedule? The situation could easily turn dicey for you so it is in your […]

    What to Do After a Motorcycle Wreck

    Let’s take a closer look at what you should do after a wreck with a motorcycle if you’ve never been in one before. 1. Make sure you have a way to leave the scene of the wreck. You can ride along with the person driving the wrecker truck or you can also call a friend to come pick you up. […]

    5 Jobs at the Highest Risk of Benzene Exposure

    Here are 5 of the careers where people are in serious danger of benzene exposure. Do you have one of these jobs? Make sure to explore all your options if you are at risk of coming into contact with benzene over a longer period of time. 1. Chemical Plant Employees Chemical plants are the most common places you can come […]

    3 Things You Need to Do Right After a Workplace Injury

    Getting injured on the job can be one of the most stressful things during your working career. Not knowing the process surrounding workers’ comp can certainly add to that feeling of stress suddenly landing on your “plate”. What happens when you’re injured on the job for the first time? Let’s look at the first 3 steps you need to take […]

    5 Valuable Pieces of Evidence in a Logging Truck Accident

    When you are in an accident with a logging truck, it can be difficult to keep up with everything you’re supposed to be looking out for. Here is a list of the five things you should keep an eye out for after the accident. 1. Injuries The first thing you should do is to check yourself for injuries. Make notes […]